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Passionate Web Developer and Citizen of the Internet.

I'm Rishab, a web developer and entrepreneur based in Mumbai.
I build tools that makes your life easy using web technologies.

I have been using computers since I was 6 years old, playing Wolfenstein 3D on my windows machine. I'm fascinated by how the web works & curious to learn new things about it. No matter where I'm in the world, I always have my laptop with me. All I need is a working Internet Connection to get my work done.

I build beautiful experiences...

Simple Usage

Design Driven

Less > More

Logic Building

Laravel Development

Solution Architecture

I love coding, music, cars and movies...in that order.

SaaS products I have built...

Medi+1 is a simple prescription tool for medical professionals.


GDrive Audit is a privacy check auditor to revoke forgotten external access.


Bluelists is a simple tool to manage private lists on twitter.


BankByte is a simple tool to map ledgers to bank transactions with direct import to tally.


I happen to make...

Static Websites

CMS Websites

Bespoke Web Applications

Internal Tools


Let's build the idea you always wanted:

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